New Products / Special Pricing Bulletin
Solar Alaska now carries these exciting new products:

Cruising Equipment E-meter $199
Tri-metric System Monitor    $175
 A full featured amp - hour totalizer. Highly accurate indication of power remaining in battery, battery voltage, charge or discharge current, & more. Digital display w/ bar graph on top, mounts in std instrument hole (round). Complete w/ 500 amp shunt. A must for every system!

Solar Boost 20amp MPPT charge controller  $219.00
Solar Boost 50amp MPPT charge controller  $439.00
These charge controllers will put more amps into your batteries using new maximum power point tracking technology. The colder
the ambient temperature the more advantageous for amperage increase. These charge controllers include digital display of battery
voltage and net amperage flow into and out of the battery bank.
Over 120 pages of nifty stuff and great planning guides! Informative beyond belief!
Trace Inverters 10 - 20 % off regular prices!

We've got it all - Great Prices, CALL TODAY!

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