Solar Power

This 3000 sq. ft home in Paxson, Alaska is operated almost entirely on solar energy. By using high efficiency appliances and lighting, the owner was able to create a luxurious home with all the comforts of utility power. The system includes a Trace SW4024, a 3000 amp - hour 24 volt battery bank, 16 BP-75 75 watt solar panels, an APT5 Power control center, and a 6 KW diesel generator for Auxilliary battery charging. As you can see, this home includes all the amenities, including a well equiped kitchen. The generator (not shown) preheats and starts automatically to supplement solar charging in the winter when furnace use is high.

The solar panels are located on a fixed rack near the top of the roof to avoid snow buildup.

The kitchen includes gas appliances, a high efficiency refrigerator, and full spectrum halogen and flourescent lighting.

This is the equipment area. From here in the furnace room, all the systems can be monitored and controlled, including the generator.

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