Generator/Inverter-Charger/Battery System

In some cases, the cost of purchasing a complete home power system can be too high to absorb all at one time. In these cases it is often advisable to start with a gasoline or diesel powered generator, a battery bank, and an inverter. These core components can provide an economical power system that can be utilized during construction of the home and until the rest of the power system is purchased. Solar panels, wind generators, andother power sources can easily be added to such a system incrementaly, without compromising the finished system. In some cases it may be nescecary to purchase a battery charger as well, but most larger inverters include a built in high quality battery charger and automatic generator transfer switch.

Systems utilizing a generator and a battery bank are usually much more efficient and cost effective than systems operating with a generator alone. By operating the generator near its most efficient capacity and storing unused energy in batteries, these type of systems are often able to limit daily run time to 2 - 4 hours of operation a day, sometimes even less. By providing power from the batteries much of the time, large savings can be realized in generator maintainance and fuel use.

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