Industrial Systems

In many cases, electricity must be provided to a site that is not served by utility power. In many of these cases, Photovoltaic systems can provide the answer. The number of industrial remote power systems installed and operating around the world is growing rapidly every year. Photovoltaic power has been sucessfully employed to power a diverse array of government and commercial aplications, including radio repeater sites, remote telemetry, cellular phone sites, airport lighting systems, water pumping, camp power, and just about any other aplication that requires reasonable amounts of power with low maintainance and high reliability. When choosing a power source for a remote site, the following parameters should be addressed:

If you or your organization are considering a project, we can prepare a quote for your needs. Technical assistance and on site installation and service is available, just call!

From Sandia National Laboratories:

here are some reccomendations for constructing a reliable solar electric system that can be used for several decades, compiled from experienced field techs:

Some typical Industrial Applications:

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